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An experience not to be missed !

Photos of Jenny during her 2008 trip to Tanzania


There have been many changes in my life during the past three years. Sadly Fred died soon after we moved to our new home and understandably I lost my creativity and the inspiration to paint. Our Leonberger dogs supported me throughout and watched me throw my energies into transforming our new garden from a bog to a meadow.

Then, later this year I lost two of my lovely Leos and I decided to adopt a new cross breed puppy. Darcy arrived  and is here  with Rosie and me.

In July I went on a wonderful photographic holiday to South Africa. I have found my creativity once more and I have an amazing wealth of reference and memories from which to paint.

These Leonberger puppies herald my return to painting




A trip to Sri Lanka resulted in blissful days spent living and working with the retired elephants at the Millenium Foundation. This was followed by visits to the orphaned elephants at Pinnewala and sales from my artwork have helped to supply milk for these baby elephants.






I try to tell a story within my paintings and to inspire the viewer to look more closely at their surroundings and the habitat around them. As for painting the dreaded backgrounds, itís not a problem, I can help you! With this in mind, I enjoy teaching and sharing my painting skills at both workshops and art classes, so why not have a go!



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